Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Housewives and Such

Here are my thoughts on the latest Real Housewives.

- I feel so bad for Riley. And it has to be hard being a single mom watching your daughter be a single mom. *tears*
- Phaedra was talking trash about Cynthia living in a gentrified neighborhood. I'm sorry is living in an expensive new home in and up and coming area a BAD thing? I can't stand her fake bougie behind.
- Are they really talking about sex so candidly on TV? We talking about sucking and swallowing and who does and who doesn't. Why does America need to know that about me... they don't.
- I love that Cynthia has a different hairstyle every scene. That's how black women are really.
- Nene got her breast taken DOWN and she's still a 34F. Really?
- I don't understand people who talk about their marriage and/or divorce on TV. Is NOTHING sacred? Wompers.

I missed the first 10 minutes too. What'd I miss?


b.goody said...

How about I'm two weeks behind. I'm still looking forward to the ghetto baby shower, complete with praise dancers.
They are definitely a mess this season.

T said...

B, they weren't praise dancers, they were ballet dancers. Like Nutcracker looking chics. Phaedra's wannabe behind talking about "People don't have an appreciation for the arts anymore." Meanwhile, she has glitter on her eyelids. o_O

b.goody said...

7th grade glitter eyeshadow? Ballet a la Kanye's random Runaway scene? Well I take back what I said. This Phaedra is clearly a classy lady!

antithesis said...

since i cant remember the first 10 minutes, they werent important. i think they involved kim trying to find where kandi's basement show was being taped. show was funny to me but i could have done without the tips on flavoring ur womanly juices.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yes, the sex talk was tacky and unnecessary.
Phaedra is a disappointment on this show, I thought we would actually see an educated, gainfully employed wife with a good mistake.

South Loop Social Light said...

- 34F is really just a 34DD so it's not that big, in my opinion... but to have a reduction and still be a DD is kinda funny.

- I feel bad for Riley, but only because of the outfit she's wearing in that opening scene when she does that weird looking dance lol...

- Cynthia's wigs are nice... Phaedra's eyeshadow not so much.