Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hope For Hoes

Ok, I think I wrote a post, but I'm sure I Tweeted that Leviticus 21:7 says thou shalt not turn a hoe into a housewife (Don't take my word for it, look it up.)

So today [read: the day I wrote this] I was in Hosea and God instructs Hosea, son of Beeri "Go take ye a wife of whoredoms and children of whoredoms."

Wait. Stop. Lord, what is going on in this chapter. After God instructs him to do so, he then say "You are not my people. (Hosea 1:9)" Then later on in the book (Hosea 3:23) God says he will forgive them and they WILL be his people.

Um... maybe missing those four months of bible reading in the middle is really starting to catch up with me. Because not only have I never heard of Beeri before in the bible, I really don't understand the message here. Is God saying, he can bless even the hoes. Is this not a pass for us to participate in #hoshit because God will forgive us.

Has anyone studied Hosea? I'm going to google it, but if a bible student/scholar could let me know their interpretation of the chapter, I would really appreciate it.

I wonder how many times the word whore and whoredom is uttered in the bible. I also wonder if that word is uttered so much because the chapters of the bible that were written by women are not published. I wonder if some of these writers were just trying to cover their own infidelity by making women the bandit when in fact there were two people in the bed having unmarital or even adulterous sex. Things that make you go hmmm....


QUE.PK.iDD said...

I haven't studied the book of Hosea (although I might after having read this post), but from what I believe, when God instructed to go take a wife of whoredoms, that whore was already Hosea's wife. She started whoring when Hosea got too old to keep up with her youthful beauty. When she got old, nobody wanted her any more and Hosea took her back.

Based on what you've read, does this sound like it could be the case?

T said...

I have an answer to this, I'm going to do it in a separate posts. My posts are a bit delayed though, so you'll have to stay tuned. :)

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS Whatever the answer. You wrote whoredom, the Bible and #hoshit in the same blog. I'm into it.