Monday, November 1, 2010

Fitness Update

So a couple of months ago I let you all know that I was going to switch gyms to save about $25 a month and so that my gym would be closer to my house. Man, I couldn't even do it. My gym is sexy, free towels, TV on all the machines, free WiFi, locks attached to the lockers so you don't have to bring your own.

It's the caviar of gyms. I tried to join Bally's (no diss if you go there), but it looks like a high school weight room to me... a public high school. Even with the cost savings I just can't switch.

Now it's still warm [enough] out, so I'm making the 8 block walk to my gym, but I'm not going nearly as much as I did when it was 2 blocks away. In the month of August I only went to the gym 3 times. O_O I'm giving myself a break because work was crazy and life was crazy that month, but if my gym was closer I would go in the morning instead of leaving it to chance to go after work.

So here's my new plan. I will definitely go to the gym twice on weekends and I will go to my gym's sister gym that's slightly closer (but in the opposite direction) on Thursdays which are days you can go to any of the sister gyms.

This gives me three guaranteed workouts every week and anything above that is a bonus. I also am starting to get workout DVDs on Netflix, so I can workout at home in the mornings (it'll be snowing any day now).

Little update on this. I'm not really making it twice on weekends EVERY weekend, but I'm still doing three times a week. Also, the DVD plan is a total bust. There is no way I'm leaving my comfy bed in the morning to torture myself with exercise.

So what's your fall workout plan looking like? Do share.

P.S. I'm holding at 140: my you-can't-go-over-this-weight weight. I think that's pretty good for someone who isn't really regulating her diet choices. :) (this was true when I first wrote this post, but is a lie now. I hit 142 in October, hopefully I'll be back to 140 by the time this posts Another update, I now weigh 143. I'm destined to be fat. The end.)

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antithesis said...

*mocking* 143?! ur outta control. girl...stop urself. anyway. i havent the slightest idea what i weigh b/c i dont have a scale. i'll give u a hint though, A LOT. u know i started back running today. i plan to keep it up until i see u. im looking at doing 4 days a week.