Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Target

Who went shopping this weekend? I can't even do it, but more power to y'all.

Has anyone else noticed that the handbag section is Target has decreased significantly. This is a #realissue. I honestly think that all of the city targets are getting groceries now and they cut back in a place where they didn't think consumers would notice. I noticed. So this very short and sweet letter is to Target.

Dear Target,

Please bring your super fly (and large) handbag selection back. I cannot afford would rather not spend my money on designer handbags, but I will be forced to, if you don't put a better purse selection back into your stores.

Your wallet selection is still dope.

A REGULAR Target shopper,

1 comment:

antithesis said...

can we go to target? b/c our wallet selection is WACK and i need a new one.

girl...i still get compliments on my big ass bag i got from target for 12 monies b/c it was on clearance. im probably bringing it w/ me when i come even though it's a summer shade b/c it can hold my LIFE in it. but i have noticed that i havent been able to get a bag from them since and that was about 2 years ago.