Monday, November 22, 2010

Damnit, I'm sleep

So I was talking to Mike and somehow early morning [read: middle of the night] conversations came up. Something about people interrupting sleep to talk, etc.

I told him this would never happen to me because I turn off my phone when I'm sleep. Overnight, naps, whatever. If I'm sleep, no one should be able to contact me.

Now he takes out the big guns and says what if one of your little brothers was on his deathbed and requested to see you. Family, that hit me right in the heart. HOWSOEVER everyone who I love KNOWS that I love them. I'm not God and no visit from me will keep anyone alive. If they have a deep dark secret they want to share and I'm sleeping they can write it down and holla back. You think I'm playing, but I'm *dead* serious.

Except for the second coming of Christ (which will wake me out of my sleep anyway) there is no good reason to be woken up from good sleep.

Now I know all you mannished folks are like oh, I could think of a reason or two. Yeah, not even nookie is good enough to destroy my good sleep. Good sex should put you to sleep, not wake you up from it. Tell a friend.


antithesis said...

THANK YOU. i sleep with ear plugs in this house b/c im a light sleeper and some folks think that b/c theyre up (with not a damn thing to do) i should be, too. my brother is famous for coming over here yelling some mess about me getting up. unless it's christmas morning and im 6 and he's 10, i need him to shut all that up. i think im considerate and try not to wake folks up but others dont care about my sleep and that really grinds my gears.

this has been a mini post from antithesis.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I so agree! Everyone that knows me knows not to call me after...8:30. I'm sleep. For real. There is no emergency I can help you with. Call on the Lord, call 911. Don't call me!

ThummyB said...

LOL @ Tell a friend.

I leave my phone on...and thank goodness bc this week someone texted me and prevented me from oversleeping (I had forgotten to set my alarm).

I really really really love to sleep, but there are definitely times where I'm happy/content/willing to be awakened to talk to someone. Unless the call is for some non-sense that could have been handled during the day, then I am fine with it.