Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Buffalo Exchange

So consignment shopping is one of my favorite things. But even more exciting than consignment shopping is consignment selling. Antithesis will tell you I have WAY to much black. I have like 15 LBDs. That's doing the most, don't you think?

Well, now I have 12 LBDs because I sold three of them at The Buffalo Exchange this weekend. Then I came up on a couple of cheap shirts that I likely would have passed up in a retail store because

1) They were kind of out of the ordinary
2) It's no way in hell I would have paid full price for either of these shirts.

The point is, I went in with a bag 'o' clothes, spent $7 and came out with 2 shirts. Now my closet is rid of things I don't wear (or things I wear too much: damn you Facebook) AND I have new finds.

Do you consignment shop? Where are your faves?

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antithesis said...

ah! u said my name. i love the idea of consignment shopping but uh...im too big to find very many cute things around here. i havent worked out my strategy yet. the last thing i got was a puffy vest, new w/ tags, from a thrift store near my brother's house. had nothing to do with fashion. had everything to do with that brief, weird, in-between part of fall where ur too hot in a real jacket and a sweater isnt enough.

as far as selling things, i never think i have anything anyone would want and generally, i really like my clothes. i do have a few things i could take whatever theyre offering for...