Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bible Reading Update

So I seriously fell off between May and the end of August on the read through the Bible in a Year challenge. I decided to just pick back up in September and it was a good choice. Now, I'm not quite sure what's going on in Ezekiel, but I'm starting Daniel from Chapter 1, so I'm hoping to have a bit more clarity as I read those chapters.

If anyone wants to send me a brief (and I do mean brief) synopsis of what happened between 1st Chronicles and Ezekiel, I'd be much obliged. Who's got me? No one... ok then, nevermind.

Also, a bit about my morning routine. Some mentors have told me that I need to take Tea time in the morning. After I wake up before I go to work, some quiet time. I usually read my bible and a meditation book if there's one near. I sometimes pray, I sometimes meditate (meditation is harder to do in the morning when you just want to go back to bed). I used to take walks, but I'm not as comfortable with my new neighborhood as my old one, so I don't think the walks would be as peaceful.

All of that to say, morning devotion is a must if I'm going to stay sane given my busy lifestyle. Nothing else matters when I'm having my quiet time.

What about you, how do you start your day? How do you make time for yourself?

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Anonymous said...

I start my day by running quick fast and in a hurry to the potty. Then, a kid is usually trailing me talking about oatmeal, or I wet the bed, or something like that. No K time in the morning.