Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Never Noticed Me

So once upon a time, I met a guy who wasn't from the Chi, but had lived here for a while, but I'd never met him. I'd never seen him. And we both like to party and we're black (FYI, all black people know each other... I'm kidding, sort of), so it just baffled me that this connection was never made.

I was talking to him trying to figure it out and he hit me with the "You probably just never noticed me."

Um... WHOA!

First of all, I felt like crap, because that is absolutely true. He's not flashy. And I rarely notice things that don't stand out.

So there are two ways to look at this "chance" meeting.

1. The Twitter this-is-why-you're-single-rhetoric: T, you've been going after the wrong guys. You're so wrong, you're so superficial, you want the star player, the guy everyone thinks is fine. You need to relax your standards. You need to have paid closer attention. Your attitude is going to make you miss your man. You're too old to be single. You must not know how to iron shirts or give head and you should give it to men who look like Flava Flav because you are somehow flawed since you're not married with a heap of children by now.

2. The ACTUAL reason: T, you didn't see him because you weren't ready to experience him until the exact time you met him. And either God made you blind to him or just kept you all on opposite ends of the city, but there's no use in thinking about it because now you know him. The end.

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