Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Q3 Update: August

In August I skipped:

Well, I didn't really have to skip anything.

My unexpected expenditures were:
c. Everything I bought for my apartment. What's wild is that before I made the decision to move I wrote in this post how I knew I'd buy new furniture. But when I actually started looking for a new apartment I convinced myself that I wouldn't purchase (or need) anything new. I was right at first and wrong the second time around.

I don't feel any kind of buyer's remorse because even though this is my third apartment I never decorated. I've just always had mismatched stuff. (Isn't that sad.) Now that I have the means, it's just natural to spend money to love where I live instead of just tolerating it. Even with all those trips to Ikea, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond, I still was able to keep money in my savings account. YAY!

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