Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh, so that's how you feel?

I was talking to a homie the other day. She broke up with a dude 7... 8 years ago and he still calls. Since the breakup she has not answered his call ATALL. But every once in a while, she'll get a call from him. She's frustrated by it. I think it's funny. I'm like "ew, dude is extra thirsty" or "wow, he really doesn't get it, huh"

Howsoever, there is a guy who I uber-liked and it just didn't work out. Every now and again I give him a call. He never answers. In my mind it never occurred to me that he could be having this same rhetoric with a homie. "Man, she won't stop calling me. I never answer her calls. I don't know what her problem is."

And that scares me, because I'm not desperate and I can take a hint, but I really think he's a cool dude and I wouldn't mind just "knowing" him. You know, like if I'm in your city we'll go get drinks, but we'll never be buddies for real. That type of thing.

Am I nuts? Should I vow to never call or text or e-mail him ever again? Do you have someone like this that you never answer the phone for? I'm just interested in getting different perspectives from my own.

In my head, I feel like one day, he'll pick up the phone. We'll have the best conversation in life and then we won't talk for another couple of years. In real life, he probably thinks I'm a quarterly stalker. What do you all think?


antithesis said...

ive been on both ends. ive been the ex-girlfriend calling every now and again. i was really trying to apologize (like wtf was i thinking). i eventually got an answer, we were cool for all of a week and he set me off again. i realized that if someone is a certain way, ur apologies dont mean ish.

on the other hand, it's been a good long while (probably 6+ months) since ive heard from krappa. like, he showed no interest in wanting to be with me and could barely be considered a friend yet he kept calling to see how i was doing. my thoughts were "muthafucka, for what?". he never wanted to go out, if i did answer, our convos were cut short and he'd say he'd call me back and never did for months. dude was flakey and weird.

neither of these are like your situation exactly. my thing is, he's not answering for a reason. apparently, that reason isnt any of your business and it shouldnt be your concern. move on. he aint all that. if he were, he'd be smart enough to answer your call or give you a ring back.

b.goody said...

LMBO @ quarterly stalker...

ThummyB said...

Ummm...if he never answers the phone or calls you back then it's intentional. He doesn't want to be buddies/friends. Stop calling :-)