Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not That Week

I interrupt the Essence dating posts to tell you all about a week I had.

So the week I wrote this was the sort of week anthropologists like myself dream about. I had several opportunities to study male communication patterns. Yep, that week I was contacted by no less than four ex-boos and countless new bootential IN THE SAME WEEK. It was actually over the course of two or three serious days. *insert perplexed face*

An undisclosed number of them have somewhat of a hold on me, the other undisclosed number of them can kick rocks for multiple reasons.

I've been entertaining the foolishness of an undisclosed number of them from both categories for the stories (#fact the stories that DON'T make it to Tea & Such are actually the best ones. Gotta leave some things to the imagination on the blog.)

And as far important (but no-good-on-their-own) traits/characteristics/qualifications like good looks, money and presence are concerned, I've certainly put together a championship roster. *begin sarcasm font* If I could just let the need for emotional stability and availability go, I would be able to pick a star player and eliminate the bench.

But... not so much.

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antithesis said...

sometimes, i wanna go on more dating adventures. after more thought, i realize it's not for me as much as to have anecdotes for the blog. not worth it so i let the natural course of my weak ass dating life continue without any concerted effort on my part. glad i have ur stories to read about.