Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Misfits

First, let's talk about the guys that didn't make it:

Coworker's Picks

The Gay Guy - Sadly, according to Big Mike, I just like gay guys. The fella in question had everything on my list of requirements, if you will. It wasn't shocking when my boss told me that she thought he was perfect for me, inquired and he was like "If Tea has a brother or uncle, I'm down." Yeah... no.

Mr. Perfect - This dude was seemingly perfect for me and actually not gay. I won't run his stats because the world is too small, but basically in the time that it took my coworker to hook the date up, he met and cultivated a relationship and now has a serious girlfriend. WOMPERS!

BFF Picks

The Guy My Home Skillet Dated - Seriously if I had fewer girlfriends, my options for dating would open up significantly, but I'm not dating a guy that someone who's going to be in my wedding used to date. Nope, can't do it.

The Too Close For Comfort Guy
- My bff picked him, ran his stats and I was willing to try it. Then she gave me a full name and I know dude. That's all I'm saying so that I don't incriminate him or myself. I died laughing though. I know too many people.

More of the misfits coming up tomorrow.


antithesis said...

it's great that u know so many people in the first place so that u can get hooked up but im seeing how that can be a disadvantage as well. i dont know anyone so it's all on me.

b.goody said...

This is about to be some foolishness. BTW, I told you that I would hook you up with High Pitched Voice but Really Nice Guy when you are ready... :)