Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Help! I May Be Self-Indulgent!!!

Today is... well it doesn't matter what today is, but let me tell you what I've dipped into my savings to cover over the last week.

Focusing on me
- A dress for a date
- A manicure
- Eyebrow threading

Focusing on relationships
- Happy hour (with a coworker who quit)
- A gift for my niece's bday (I'd actually budgeted for this, but used that money on some other good or service when I found out I wouldn't see her ON her bday)
- Mary J. Blige tickets (because my sister needed someone to go with)
- Monday Night Football (with the homies)

What is my problem? I never, I mean never, fault myself for spending money when it comes to maintaining relationships. What else are we going to do besides eat or drink (or give gifts to the kids). I'm sure we could go to a free musuem or something, but I'm an American. I like to eat and I like to indulge. There's no getting over that.

I think where I could save some money is the "focus on me" stuff. I mean, plenty of people do their own nails. I could do that right? (Gags behind the computer). I can't pluck my own brows though, but I have found a woman that's $8 instead of the usual $15 I spend.

And the date dress piece. Nothing in my closet was working. We had a specific thing to go to and I needed to look a certain amount of put together and a certain amount of chill and after doing laundry, nothing in my closet fit the bill. Yes, I paid full price for the dress, but... he loved it, so whatever.

People, THIS is exactly why I can't keep money in the bank long enough to pay my credit cards down. I can talk myself INTO a purchase before I can talk myself out of a purchase.

I'm thinking about not letting myself move again until 100% of my CC debt is paid. I'm still working towards the goal of getting CCs to 20-30% of my available balances. It's going to be more like 40-50% at the end of 2010 though :-/. I think my desire to get out of frat town and back to the quiet of Lakeview might keep me out of the malls and nail shops long enough to do what I said I was going to do.

So... have at it. Analyze me. Tell me how bad I am. Send me tips, tools, suggestions. Pray for me too. I need clearly [spending] help.

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antithesis said...

when u get help, let me know. for someone who wants to get out of their parents' house, i sure spend a LOT on makeup and frivolous things all while not having a steady income. #fail because i do have a balance on my credit card. i put a dent in it but that never matters if i go back and have to charge again.