Friday, October 8, 2010

Good News Thursday

Or you know whatever day I post this. But the day I wrote this, here's all the good things that were happening

10. I just booked another wedding. Did I tell you all I do on-site day-of wedding coordinating? If not, look out for a post on that later. :) YAY.
9. The gig has been taking real notice of how phenomenal I am. And well... it pays to be phenomenal. #bonuses and #perks
8. The gig gave me to opportunity to give #bonuses and #perks to my team who's also phenomenal. Spreading the love like cake icing outchea.
7. I got free Cubs tickets yesterday. AWESOMENESS.
6. I only had to work three days this week.
5. I got invited to a client meeting that I never get invited to because it's "next level" time. And you know what next-level means... MO MONEY, MO MONEY.
4. I am not sick anymore. I have mild allergies every morning, but the cold that was almost the death of me in August is LONG GONE!!!!
3. I have options.
2. You love me.
1. God loves me.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!

Who's happy the 30 prefixed topics are over *raises hand high*

1 comment:

b.goody said...

My hand is raised super high. I am saying, "oh oh, I know the answer!" My arm has been up so long I need the other hand to hold it up. I'm cringing. My arms are tired, call on meeee! LOL.
Yay for more bookings. I'm proud of you.