Friday, October 29, 2010

at first... and then... but...

At First
So far, so VERY good. He makes me smile and my heart skips a beat when his number shows up on my phone. I am so absolutely comfortable with him. It's like we were friends in a past life or something. I love the beginnings. I wouldn't give up these feelings for anything. I hope the feeling stays... I hope he stays and if it doesn't and he doesn't, at least I had the opportunity to experience it and to experience him.

**insert big fat cheesy cake face here**
*awaits texts messages, bbms and facebook notes talking about "who is dude"*

And then:
OMG! So as soon as I tell people that I like a guy they are quick to run me down the aisle with said fella. You guys have GOT to stop doing this to me. It's bad enough that when I meet someone I like I want to skip all the work of a relationship and fast forward to happy. (#realissues)

Here are the top 10 things I've heard about new boo from various sources:

10. No, but really, when are you going to set the date?
9. That's because he IS your boyfriend.
8. Aw... you're definitely in a relationship with all these ups and downs OR
7. I'm glad to hear you're in a relationship
6. Tea probably can't make it, you know she has a boo now.
5. He did what? OMG! He really likes you.
4. I like him for you.
3. So when are you guys taking a road trip to a football game?
2. So when am I going to meet your boyfriend?
1. Tea, are you giggling? *tea giggles* *flava flav voice* WOW. I've never heard a man make you giggle before.

You guys, OMG! Stop it. *grins from ear to ear* the bottom could still fall out. We are not yet in a relationship. He is not my boyfriend yet. Stop getting me excited. I cannot put all of my eggs in his [phenomenal] basket this early lest my heart get broken into tiny irreparable pieces (which is the #realissue).

Ok, who am I kidding. I love every nail-biting second of the soap opera that is my love life. #facepalm #iMaCake

Per usual he didn't last longer than a good pedicure. Back to the drawing board... [per antithesis, who I agree with wholeheartedly] and that's OK.


antithesis said...

u didnt add this so i will: And that's OK.

b.goody said...

Dang, we were just talking about him. I'll have to call you and get the details. That's whack.