Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ah... the seasons

Never before has this much attention been giving to cuffing season. You know, the fall, after your summer fling has fizzled out and before it's too cold to go out and meet anyone new.

But thanks to Twitter, the season is on full BLAST. So here's Tea's top 10 ways to call cuffing season (as seen on Twitter and in my bbm messages)

10. How-the-fuck-did-he-find-my-information season
9. Don't-you-still-have-a-girlfriend season
8. I-would-have-went-if-Facebook-didn't-rat-you-out [Also known as #Kanyeshrug and/of #LogoffOfLife] season
7. This-must-be-some-kind-of-a-joke season
6. Maybe-he-forgot-how-bogusly-we-broke-up season
5. Fall/Autumn/Football Season
4. Choosing season
3. Cuddle season
2. Track-back season
1. Reach-back season

Did I miss any? How else have you heard cuffing season labeled?

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