Tuesday, October 5, 2010

28 - Something That You Miss

Wal-mart and not for the reasons that you think. I miss Wal-mart in Savoy because I used to call b up at any time of the night and she lived in Champaign and I lived in Urbana and we would meet up at Wal-mart in Savoy.

Now she lives on the south side and I live on the northside and there is nowhere that's open 24 hours that has deals on everything from bagels to boots and where you could find couples doing "family" shopping before everyone knew they were an item.

Oh, many a relationship press release was written via Wal-mart in Savoy. I miss having so many of my close friends no less than 2 miles away from me at all times, with little to no responsibilities and therefore lots of free time and lots of student loan money to waste.

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b.goody said...

Aww. Savoy Wal-Mart, we loved you so much. Never a dull moment and yes, there was ALWAYS a secret couple!
Wanna go to Savoy Wal-Mart this weekend? We could drive down there and shop at 2am for old times sake :)