Friday, October 1, 2010

26 - Your Fears

OMG! It's October. I'm supposed to be doing an update on Q3, but let me finish this 30-day business out first. I love it when the posts just write themselves.

Ok, my fears. I'll share two since it's plural.

1. I fear that I'm going to do something to upset God and I won't bounce back from it. Like I'm extremely blessed today, but one day I'm going to say or do something ungodly and God will say I've given you enough second chances and that was it.

I also think my punishments will be subtle and effect the next generation. Like my kids are going to be ugly or morbidly obese or have health issues because I was mean (or can be mean sometimes).

2. I'm also deathly afraid of... you know what if you want to know DM or e-mail me. I'm superstitious sometimes and I feel like if I put this on the blog the likelihood of it happening will go up.

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