Monday, September 6, 2010

7 - Your Best Friend

Oooh, this is awesome because I have two. I'll just go in chronological order (i.e. who came into my life first.)

Dorian is my best friend and she's AWESOME. We started being bffs because we liked to argue with each other. Yes, you read that correctly. We held almost identical religious beliefs in HS, but we butted heads on everything else. I think junior year after dance class we would walk from the arts building to the gold house (lunchroom) walking slow as hell and arguing the entire time. We were the only people who were 35 minutes late to a 50 minute lunch EVERY day. And people would just shrug us off and ask what are you all arguing about today?

In fact, others, even our friends, would become exasperated at our arguments. They couldn't understand why we wouldn't just let stuff go. The beauty about me and D is that we would agree to disagree, but on our own time. We didn't too much care how other people felt about our raised voices or philosophical disagreements and when we were done we still loved and respected each other.

Today, D is a voice of reason, a Christian perspective and a champion of my causes. I love her.

thummyb is my best friend and she's AWESOME. thummyb and I met in high school too, but we got really close in college. We decided not to room together freshman year because we'd heard horror stories about that ruining friendships and we didn't want that. It worked. We roomed together for the 3 years following.

What I love about her is her standard of excellence. Anyone who knows me knows I have certain "standards" about myself, as does thummyb. We took time to marvel in how the rest of the world doesn't hold our same high standards, but instead will do anything from drop out of school (unacceptable) to come out of the house looking a mess (also unacceptable). (Oh yes, we have standards on every level of everything).

We've grown to be less judgmental, of course.

Today, she always brings me a fresh, more enlightened if you will, perspective on things. We butt heads a lot too, but in a different way. We both are just like *pursed lips* mm hm, ok, on to the next topic instead of arguing it out.

Just like a best friend should be, she is always unequivocally on team Tea and I love her.

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