Friday, September 3, 2010

5 - Your Definition of Love

Someone define the word "your" first.

My mom's definition of love is when you want to be with someone throughout all of their emotions. Like you see your man act like a punk when he's sad or act really irate when he's angry, but you still want to be with him. She told me this when I was a teenager. I need to check back in because that just sounds like insanity.

The bible's definition of love is a man who would lay down his life for a friend. The ultimate example being Jesus, who laid down his life for the entire world.

I know that God loves me, my mom loves me, my family and friends love me. I know that I love all the aforementioned just the same, if not more. I don't know how I love them or why I love them and I don't have coherent, intelligent ways to describe that love.

So as far as MY definition of love I just know it starts with respect and hits some sort of dramatic climax when life's challenges arise, but I don't know where it ends. When I find out for sure, I'll keep you posted.

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