Thursday, September 30, 2010

25 - A First

**Happy Birthday thummyb**

Let's talk about my first plane ride.

I was going to see a friend who lived in Memphis. We were bffs in grammar school and then her dad's job moved them to Memphis. This was customary for her, she'd lived in Dallas, Houston, LA, Chicago and then Memphis. Her family was in LA during the riots. Womp.

So anywho, this was before September 11th, but I vaguely remember my mom still couldn't come all the way up to the gate with me. She kept telling people it's her first time flying. I was young, but I grew up pretty fast because I had to, so I didn't consider myself young. I was, however, embarrased.

Then they had the nerve to put me on a little rickety one seat on one side and two seats on the other plane for my first ride. I remember I was listening to Brandi on my CD player and the flight attendant came over and kneeled and was like "you can't listen to that right now, but you can turn it on later"

She was so nice and sweet and I was thinking "Can you move, people are staring at me weirdly now."

Then we had turbulance and like any pre-tween I held onto the seat. Everyone in my section turned to make sure I was ok. I was such a little twit, I was just like I'm fine, stop staring at me. No teenager likes to be put on display (yes, I'm using pre-tween and teen interchangeably because I don't know how old I was).

Anywho, the flight was short and uneventful and I was never scared of flying, just hadn't done it yet. After that ride, I knew flying was something I could do all the time.

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