Thursday, September 23, 2010

20 - This Month

This month is September.

- A whole heap of my homies went to NYC for Labor Day. I didn't go to keep some money in the bank, but it's fortunate, because I was really sick at the end of August. I had a case of you-do-too-much otherwise known as a lingering cold.
- Both of my best friends' birthdays are this month
- My little brother's birthday is this month
- By the time this post I likely will have already taken a work trip this month (Boo! I was really trying to stay on the ground in September, but whatever #moremiles)
- When I see 9 as it refers to September I see it in the color green, light green, seafoam. LOL! (I actually see all the months in colors... I should do a post about that)
- This month has been phenomenal for me mentally because I've traveled for work a lot less and spent a lot more time with friends and family.

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antithesis said...

i see the months in colors, too. when i had far less of a life, i'd change my background on my laptop to match month. over the past year or so, the colors get changed less often and the color representations of each month overlap. u probably see months in colors because ur school teachers posted those calendars in elementary and such.