Wednesday, September 22, 2010

19 - Something You Regret

Dang. I don't want to talk about regrets. Boo!!!

Alright, I have plenty of regrets. You know better and you do better and you live and learn and all that jazz.

On my study abroad trip there was about 18 people from the U of I. There were only two black people: me and another girl. She was African-American, but English wasn't her first language. She may have been from an island, I'm not completely sure, but she was misunderstood a lot because we couldn't figure out the meaning of her sentences and then she would throw a hissy fit when someone who spoke clearer English said the same thing she was trying to say.

I can't remember my other beefs with her (I should pull out my journal from Spain and see if everything I thought was so bad then is still so bad today, I doubt it). I pretty much let her have it in Spain at every opportunity. Looking back, I see that it's not my place to put others in their place. If she wants to have an attitude, let her have it. Sure we were in close quarters and HAD to see each other every day, but my voice, strong as it is, may have turned others against her and I can only imagine what it feels like to be in a foreign country and feel like the people you came with don't like you.

At the time, I couldn't care less, but looking back, I feel like I ruined parts of her experience and I regret that.

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