Monday, September 20, 2010

17 - Your Favorite Memory

This is pretty tough. I have some awesome memories, but I think my favorite is college graduation weekend. The entire weekend was phenomenal. I'm pretty sure I'd taken off work (I worked at the Limited in the mall), I went to the club Friday AND Saturday night.

We had black congratulatory on Saturday night, then my college (LAS) graduation on Sunday morning. Then my mom rented out the conference room in the hotel where my family was staying in and got Famous Daves for all the fam who drove down to Champaign. You can act fancy if you want to, but Famous Dave's goes hard in the paint. Everyone went around the table and said why they were proud of me. I cried the entire time. We don't really do mushy in my family. It's not like they called every week that I was in college (or now for that matter) to say they're proud of me or WHY they're proud of me, so it was just a lot to take in at one time. It was touching and completely unexpected. Plus, I'm a crybaby.

From the top-notch partying to the fellowship with family to the feeling of accomplishment to the kind words my family had for me to saying goodbye to four uber-fun, but very trying years in Champaign, it was just a phenomenal weekend.


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