Friday, September 17, 2010

16 - Your First Kiss

My first kiss was interesting. It was with a dude with big lips and I kind of find that attractive (I'm black, what can I say).

But... they didn't have the intended effect. We were young, probably like 11 or 12 or something, so it was just a peck. But it was a sloppy peck and everyone kept asking me how it was and I was supposed to say awesome or wonderful or something like that.

Just pecking his lips left all kind of wetness on my face. And I don't care how fresh your breath is someone's saliva on your upper lips and upper chin is just absolutely disgusting and I'm sure it didn't smell nice. We were in a back yard, so I couldn't really go wash my face. It was just horrid. Then, of course, after that he wanted to kiss me all the time. I broke up with him immediately (or stopped calling or stopped going by his house or meeting him at the playground or whatever you call it when you're 11 or 12).

I lied and told everyone the kiss was fine. It was not fine.

Currently, as I'm typing this I have the icky, something smells like garbage look on my face which FURTHER lets me know how not fine it was. UGH!

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