Friday, September 10, 2010

11 - Your Siblings

I'll do these in chronological order too

J - big sis. Super crazy. Talks a big game, but I used to beat her up when we were kids. Her kids are scared of me now, but I swear I'm #bigfun when the kids are well behaved.

M - This is my stepbrother. He's quiet and goofy. We don't talk a lot.

T (yes, another T) - This is my little sis on my biological father's side. She looks nothing like me. She's prepping for med school. I'm extra super proud of her and hope we can be closer one day.

S - My college graduate and workaholic baby brother. He'll do anything for me. He has such a great heart and he's the father of my baby niece (who is cuteness personified thank you very much!)

J - My baby who went all the way to FAMU for college. (I'm not saying I suggested it so I could live out my HBCU dreams through him... I'm just saying it's a good damn idea.) He is CRAZY and mean and extra, extra funny (if you like crazy, mean humor). I love him to pieces.

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