Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We All Want The Same Thing

I've been meaning to write about this forever. In January I was in Dallas on client business, I'd flew straight from NYC on (an)other's client business and was tired and hungry. Fortunately hunger won out and I hit up the bar at Aloft Hotel, where I was staying.

There was a guy at the bar. He was really nice. Side note: If I had more time I would go to hotel bars all the time because that's where solo business traveler eat dinner and most business travelers are men.

Back to the story. I talked to this guy and he was going on about how young NBA and NFL players waste their money and it's a shame, blah, blah, blah. As a young woman who's working to improve her money management, I think that most 22 to 25 year olds trick off money (did you know the average time an NFL player plays in the League is only 3 years O_O). The point is I can't badmouth someone who makes 100x what I make if his trickoff percentage is exactly the same as mine.

Back to the really nice guy at the bar. This guy and I had NOTHING in common. I'm black, he's white. I'm young, he was old(er). I'm average height for a woman, he was short. I love working for the man, he's an entreprenur. I'm an Independent with a swing towards Democrats and he's a serious Republican. I'm single as the day is long, he's married with a beautiful young daughter.

How in the world did me and this man who have nothing in common except a love for bbq chicken pizza have a two-hour conversation and not kill each other? It comes down to this: At the end of the day EVERYONE wants to exact same thing.

We all want happy, healthy families.

We can define family and happiness differently, but this man who didn't agree with anything I had to say, loved his work and his family no less than I loved my work and my family. And he respected my opinions based on my experiences and I did to his.

I wish this was the model for politics. I know you want a happy, healthy family and so I respect how you want to get to your happy, healthy family whether it's the same path I want to take or not. And furthermore, I wish we all treated each other with that same respect every day. Like just because my life path takes a different turn than yours or takes place in a different region or tax bracket it doesn't make me better or worse off than you. Just different.

I learned a lot that night. Amazing what a pizza and a Heineken at a hotel bar can do for life's outlook.


antithesis said...

great post! who you say you are and how others see you are sometimes two different things, which is why you can have a conversation with someone who you think is so different from you. in reality, it speaks to your and his maturity. you had mutual respect for each other's backgrounds while not necessarily having to espouse and embody those things yourselves. you were secure in your viewpoints and werent going to be personally offended if he differed, as did he. it's a good thing.

b.goody said...

Agreed. I like this post :)