Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Traditional Robes vs. Snuggies

b.goody's silly behind asked me to talk about why I prefer traditional robes over Snuggies. I'm not one to back down from a challenge so here goes...

First of all let's discuss how stupid I thought Snuggies were when they first came out. I was like what goofy is going to pay for a blanket with sleeves. Then they got popular and I thought about how good of an idea it was. You know whoever made it was high when they came up with it. Sitting in a cold house with no heat. Then they wanted another Cheeto because they had the munchies and when they took their hand from under the blanket, they almost froze to death. You know their senses were heightened because they were so high.

So they hollered at another high friend and then an invention was made. (This is my firt attempt at historical fiction. Pretty dope if I do say so myself. Pun intended.)

Back to the topic at hand, I actually prefer to just wear a robe backwards. The #realissue with a Snuggie is that it's missing a tie (like a real robe). See... I can wear my snuggly robe backwards or forward... A Snuggie... not so much. Now if you're really frugal instead of paying $40, $50 bucks for a plush robe, go get a $19.99 Snuggie and put one of the belts you never wear anymore on it.

Now don't say I never helped you save money.

P.S. In NYC for work today. Pray for my sanity and the safety of everyoen around me. You know folks will drive me crazy if I let 'em.

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