Monday, August 16, 2010

Tichina Arnold

**I went to NYC this weekend. I'm back home. In the Chi for 10 days before I hit the sky again**

So b.goody said I should write about Tichina Arnold. We might as well just call this Tea & Such & b.goody because she came up with all these crazy topics I should write about and she was playing, but I'll write about ANYTHING, so she should have known better.

Anywho, today we're talking about Tichina Arnold. I didn't really have any feeling about her before I started writing, but after some consideration I have to say I love her. She keeps a low profile, she keeps a job in Hollywood or on TV, she's a single mom and her child doesn't have Dereon splattered across her booty, so as far as I know she's doing a good job.

She has some hits and misses fashionwise, but this just helps me to remember that celebs are real people too. Everyone doesn't have a stylist and isn't all caught up in the hype. She seems to be in shape and her stomach has been flat since Martin and that was over a decade ago, so more kudos.

Last but not least she's still friends with Tisha Campbell Martin. I truly value my friendships, so in Hollywood where everyone is all in your grill and it can be very easy to badmouth a colleague, it's good to Tisha and Tichina (and I think Vivica too) going strong.

Who's your favorite down-to-earth celeb?


b.goody said...

Yay! Tea and Such & b.goody! Let's do it!
For the record, I love Tichina Arnold too.

ThummyB said...

Fave down to earth celeb is Don can get it. word verification for this post is 'pernis'...but the r is very hard to see. HAHA!!!

T said...

HA! @ pernis