Friday, August 13, 2010


**It's Friday the 13th. Dun Dun!!! LOL!**

Tea's tips for not going completely off the deep end when you're overwhelmed. Real talk, this is more of a reference for me than a guide for y'all. Enjoy anyhow.

Do Not:
- Drink
- Go Shopping
- Call people you don't like because you're bored
- Have sex with people you don't like because it'll make you feel better
- Pig out. There are no excuses for fatness.

- Pray, even a whisper to God will usually get the job done
- Cry, let it out baby, let it out
- Exercise, endorphins are king
- Cook a new recipe, having something healthy to eat and something to do will make a world of difference

Do you all have any other tips?

1 comment:

antithesis said...

still, why do i feel like ur talking to me with that dont list?

when im having a bad time, i like to try something new. i dont want to be doing things ive done before. i want a break from monotony. that, or i'll go see a movie by myself. another thing i do is try to call people (who i like) that i dont talk to on a regular basis.