Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back Like I Forgot Something

I've missed you guys! I'm currently sitting at my gym on my laptop about to crank out two or three weeks of posts. After trying to figure out how many Argo Teas I'd have to buy to get hours and hours of internet it occurred to me that my gym has free wireless.

Side note: I'm not switching gyms. I friggin' love this place. It's currently 10:34 a.m. and my yoga class is not until 3 p.m. and I plan to sit here the entire time using this internet.

But, if you recall my laptop is slightly broken. Once it's been on for abo
ut an hour, it works fine, but if it goes to sleep, shuts down or restarts it'll take about an hour for me to get on the internet.

I now live approximately 6 blocks south of my gym. So I left the laptop open, tracked the bus (thank you CTA bus tracker), hopped on it as soon as I got to the stop and got to the gym JUST before my little 15 minute window before the computer shuts off went off. I'm now plugged in and ready for greatness. LOL!

I should have internet by September, so I hope to not leave you all hanging like this again. How has everyone been?

1 comment:

antithesis said...

well at least u were in on the internet cranking out posts and u were there to workout too.

i know my posts have been erratic. i wish i could put out two solid weeks of posts. well, i could but it would be super repetitive bs.