Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 - Your Parents

My parents are Big T (whom you all should know and love from my awesome posts about her) and John. Big T and John had me when they were young whipper snappers and never married (each other) so I have a stepfather, Sam, who passed away when I was nine (R.I.P. Daddy!), then I have a steppops who my mom is currently married to: Mark. They've been married for almost 14 years (WHOA!).

I don't have enough characters to thoroughly communicate the in and outs of having three father figures. I will just say that HR looks at me sideways every time I tell them a grandparents passes. I told them look, it's eight possible deaths that could come up, chart my PTO accordingly.

I know you all are thinking how can you make such light of death. Go back to the intro post. I have to laugh at life, otherwise I'd go nuts.

And that's about it on parents.


Anonymous said...

I just lost my grandmother. It's hard losing someone so close. It's nice having more than four though, I guess. I will be stopping by more often! Nice Blog!

T said...

@ B-More BAP, hey girl! Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope to see you in here more often and I'll definitely check your blog out too.

I just wanted to say sorry to to hear about your grandmother and you have my condolences.