Monday, August 30, 2010

2 - Your First Love

I was going to be silly and say food was my first love and we're still going strong, but I'll tell you about my first love.

I have been in love. I love being in love. And my first love was magical, infactual (is that a word). It was very much puppy love and it was sweet and endearing and phenomenal. He was everything a 17 year old boy could be. He was fine and athletic and he loved me. We met at a basketball game. I approached him (I used to do that in high school). I'm pretty sure I had on a fleece jogging suit and some Nikes. (Please don't front like you didn't used to wear athletic gear in the 90s).

We talked on the phone for hours, seriously... hours. He didn't have a car, but one of his boys did, so he would always come see me and we would frolic in the park like... teenagers (because we were teenagers). LOL! Every once in a while one of his boys would date one of my girls and that was cool.

He ended up going to the army we were together on and off until my first year of college (he was about three years older than me, don't tell the feds). The off time was because my hater of a mother said I was too young to have a boyfriend. Friends, I kid you not, he and I would be married RIGHT now, if it weren't for all those breaks. Instead of him being married to that 3W in Texas... what happened to the men that were dying to get married. I don't run into them anymore... I digress.

I just loved being with him. And we were so young and innocent then. His kisses were the sweetest, most genuine kisses I've ever received. Ever. We didn't require a lot of fanfare, no fancy dinners, he didn't have a car, back-breaking sex wasn't a baseline requirement like it is now (yeah, I said it). We just needed good conversation and quality time, which we both had plenty of.

He had some #realissues though, so I have mom and God to thank for helping me dodge that bullet, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss those kisses and the undeniably secure feeling I had when he was around. I still have all of his letters from the army. I guess he still has a chunk of my heart, which makes sense because no love is your first love.

Oh boy, I'm rambling. He made me like that then and I guess the feeling is still strong now. Yeah, I loved him to pieces.