Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Women Make Appointments

Because we have shit to do!!!

I don't know if men have to go to the barber, grocery shopping, to the cleaners, to the manicurist, to the aestitician (sure hope not) or have spend time with the nieces or nephews or hang with their boys, but shit... I do.

So when you tell me you want to see me, spend time, hang out, chill, have sex... whatever and I set aside a time to do so, I mean actually carve out time from you, I'm taking time AWAY from EVERYTHING else I could be doing.

When I make a date, appointment, whatever, I THOUGHT you were important enough to miss one of those other things I had to do. (I'm sorry, sometimes real housewives is very fun to watch). But when you break an appointment it occurs to me that you are actually NOT that important as I previously thought. And then I'm upset with myself for interrupting my regularly scheduled program for your inconsequential ass. Then I'm not just going to be mad alone. I'm going to either give you a piece of my mind or treat you with the coldest demeanor EVER.

This is a reaction that men probably think is unwarranted (and that I should probably work on in my lil emotional growth). But if you want to know WHY I feel how I feel, that's it right there. Please try to keep your appointments.
P.S. This could also be called why people who make appointments make appointments, it's not really gender related, I just find that my girls keep their appointments better than my boys.


antithesis said...

i make appts/dates/whatever because i have nothing else to do. i look forward to shit. so if ur gonna be late, call and let me know i can spend a little more time on my makeup or my outfit or whatever im doing. i hate when i rush trying to keep to the timeframe someone else sets and theyre nowhere near that schedule. not even trying to be. i find it inconsiderate as hell and a sure fire way to be on the receiving end of my stankface. now im annoyed and ur playing catch up b/c u didnt activate ur bluetooth and say u had to do xyz before...

b.goody said...

Him: When can you come by for sex?
You: I have a 30 minute block free on Wednesday from 7:45-8:15. But immediately following I am meeting b. and Les for drinks so maybe we could just do it at my office?

LOL. You don't make appointments for getting it in. Take that down!!

Spiderlgs said...

LOL there are two ways to think of this...

1. You asshole, how could you break our appt!! You're a dickwad not worth my time.

2. Aww, that sucks, I was really looking forward to seeing you today, but thank you so much for letting me know that you wont be able to make it so now i can call my girls/get my toes done/On Demand my fave show/ eat m&ms in the tub/read a book/call my mom etc. Hopefully we can reschedule soon.

I think the 2nd will make life easier for everyone... AND everyone has to break appts at times even when they don't want to. I have been late to work helping a friend with a crisis, I have broken dates to help friends or families, or because I was sick, or because I got held up at work, etc etc etc... I think sometimes the benefit of the doubt has to come into play.. Unless of course he breaks the date and then has up on fb.. Getting it in at the strip club. Then eff that and delete his number.. no need to be cold, just be over him!

Eva said...

OMG - preach!

ThummyB said...

LOL @ b.goody

Re. guys breaking dates - let's be real...we all make time for what's important. Yes, he could have cancelled b/c his best childhood friend needed him to come thru in an emergency...just like that chick on the pole could be taking it off to put herself through college...BUT probably not.

I'm not saying that one should never give someone the benefit of the doubt...just that those situations should be the exception and not the rule.