Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome Q3!!! (Part 1)

Alright, so here's what I learned in Q2

1. I saw a pattern emerging. I have no gift budget. I have three nieces, two younger brothers, a mom, dad and steppops, two living grandmas and a host of friends that like to get married and have babies and stuff. All of these occasions/people require gifts. In Q3, I will attempt to sock away gift money every time I get paid so that I'm not caught off guard or off-budget when gift-giving occasions happen.

2. Saving Money Sucks!!! Oh yes, I'm being a brat, but I'm also being honest. It sucks in two ways:

a) I have to sacrifice good times. Here's how: Let's take $20 as an example, shall we. $20 is not even a dink in the debt that I have. Do you hear me people, not even A DINK, but it IS a cab ride home from a free event with free drinks. When I opt to NOT take $20 out of my savings I have to sacrifice that cab ride home and skip the event.

Doing a cost benefit analysis I think to myself I can pay my debt down 13 months if I take the $20 and go have a good time tonight OR I can pay my debt down in 12 months and be miserable tonight while all my friends are out enjoying themselves. Do you see what I mean? Saving money lacks the instant gratification that entertainment gives you (any form of entertainment costs money, not just partying, so don't leave diatribes about partying in my comments).

I know saving is good and I'm setting my future up and strengthening my good habits, but I'm not going to see the fruits of my sacrifice for months or years and it sucks and don't try to convince me otherwise.

b) I'm SO aware when I'm sacrificing good times. Because of Twitter I now EXACTLY the kind of fun others are having when I'm sitting in the house "saving money." Before I used to imagine that everyone was sitting on their couch like me. Yes, I blame Twitter for making me think saving money sucks.

**Stay tuned for three more learnings tomorrow**