Friday, July 9, 2010

Tea's Top 5

So I completely stole this idea from Jozen. But here are the top 5 men I'd like to date according to profession. Unlike Jozen though, you still have to have all the other qualities I'm looking for in a man in order for the date to go down. Well, maybe, maybe not. If I date any guys in these professions, I'll blog about it.

5. A fireman I've dated a fireman before. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but I'd try it again.

4. A soccer player - Dear World Cup, you really put me on to the athleticism and therefore rip-ped-ness of soccer players. For that I salute you.

3. A comedian - I love dating comedians. They get me AND they keep me laughing. The ones I've encountered had so much baggage though. It wasn't exactly funny. It may be true what they say about extremely talented people being troubled. Plus I'm not a fan of being the butt of jokes and I KNOW that's probably what happened more times than not. Ah well, I'd try it again.

2. A writer - I was editing something the other day and I wanted to go completely off about how dangling prepositions should be accepted in writing. Then I wanted to talk about people's constant misuse of I and me. Then I wanted to talk about the merits of the different writing styles, who yahoo thinks they are for coming up with a web writing style and how I really feel about the AP. But there was no one. Yeah, I'd love to date a writer.

1. A chef - From time to time, I have the privilege of working with chefs on some very cool things at work. The ways in which these men talk about food and their attention to detail in the kitchen, leads me to believe that they are meticulous in other areas. (get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about paying bills.) LOL! If nothing else, I'll always eat well and not just them cooking for me, I mean I'm open to lessons in the kitchen. (if your mind is in the gutter after I said that then we're finally on the same page)


antithesis said...

i want to date someone who knows math and science. i need a strong, hard sciences person to balance out my liberal arts/humanities background. i should know by now from experience my irrational ass and his hyperlogical self cant work out...

Kay* said...

LOL. I love this! I totally hear you on the soccer thing. I was looking at them and said, my gosh soccer players have awesome bodies! Lol. Yeah man - I'd go for one too!

And a chef - totally good call.

Hmmmm maybe I'll do a post like this..