Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea's Tangents

1. Look for "How to trick off your paycheck in 8 days when it needs to last 15 starring Tea" in theaters near you.

2. Do your older family members take photos of food at gatherings? Have you started to do this too? I was about to talk about my mom and grandma for doing it, then I realized that most of my Twitpics are of food... what is wrong with us? LOL!

3. I can tell I like a guy too much [is that even possible] when he uses pet names way before pet names are acceptable and my stomach doesn't completely churn. I actually, kinda, maybe cracked a smile.

4. You know what: if you go home sick, that's where you ass should be... at home sick. Not on my phone or in my inbox via your blackberry from your sick bed. I wish some people would just sit the hell down sometimes.

5. [the day I wrote this] I haven't bought groceries for my house in over a month and my fridge is stocked full of food. God is good all the time! (And he's better during bbq season.) #Leftovers

6. The apartment manager of the building I just moved out of asked if she could show my place during open house because I "set it up so cute" and because she just loves my bedspread. Aw! Here I go thinking I was a design failure, but apparently I worked very well with what I had. (Kay, I'll e-mail you pics!)

7. When I was moving, I took a trip down memory lane with photo albums from high school & college. I have to remember to print out my favorite pics from Facebook. I need some post-college photo albums (that aren't online).

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