Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tea's Avatar

Reader: Why is your Avatar holding a pistol while you're heading to the airport for [business] travel?

Answer 1
T: Because she's a bad, bad bitch

Answer 2
T: Because the gun is a metaphor for how I murder my work tasks and deliver for my clients and co-workers.

Answer 3 (the real answer)
T: Because the pistol came with the super hero suit (it's actually just an assasin suit) and I couldn't figure out how to get it out of my avatar's hand. AND the actual super hero suit made my Avatar look like blankman, so the pistol is the lesser of two evils.


b.goody said...

LOL. I knew you'd answer that one! But again, silly, I was being sarcastic when I asked :)

b.goody said...

Also, I didn't say ish about business travel. Don't add words to my question of the day!!!

RB said...

Answer 1 was absolutely hilarious.

T said...

@ b, you're so funny. You KNOW if you wrote it, I'm going to write about it. All the other goofy topics you asked me to write about are just chillin' in my drafts and they will surface when I'm feeling inspired.

And c'mon grammar queen. You know the [] indicated that the word was not in the original question. I added business so I could better answer the question. Folks know you didn't say that. LOL!

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