Friday, July 23, 2010

Scheduling Sex vs. Making Sex Appointments

Ok, so yesterday's post has people thinking I'm the kind of chic that'll turn good D down if I'm scheuduled to see a movie with friends. I'm not going to confirm or deny that. But I do need to clarify something.

While I may or may not think scheduling sex is ok, I think that making an appointment to have sex and scheduling sex are two different things. In yesterday's post when I mentioned sex, I was talking about making an appointment where the end goal is sex.

Let me give you several ficticious examples of ways you make appointments for sex:

1. With your cut buddy - everytime you see this dude it's only to have sex. So if he says he's coming at 6 and he doesn't get there til 7 and you have dinner with your mom scheduled for (insert time that would make it no longer possible), then yeah, he broke the appointment (for sex).

2. With your out-of-town boyfriend. His flight lands at 9, but instead of going to Harold's and then stopping back at your place, per usual. He wonders if he could watch the fight with his boys first and then he'll see you later in the evening. Sex will still happen, but in your head, he broke the appointment for sex because you were expecting to be getting it in at about 10:15ish and now it's going to be more like 2 or 3:15ish.

3. When you had a lunch date and were expecting to have afternoon nooky for dessert, but he forgot about the lunch. This is essentially a sex appointment broken.

See, sex appointments are not "scheduling sex" between your massage, manicure or martinis. They are simply encounter that you expect to end (or begin, whatever) with sex.

Is that better b? Or am I still overscheduled, if you will?

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