Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Apt Deets

I found a new apt.

What it has that I really wanted
  • Dine-In Kitchen
  • Walk-In Closet
  • Working Elevator (but I'm also on a lower floor)
  • Very cool neighborhood (4 blocks south of where i am now)
  • Heat, cooking gas AND Electricity included #Winning
  • A closer walk to the beach #WinningAgain
  • No security deposit
What it's missing that I saw in other places...
  • A remodeled bathroom
  • The cheapest possible price tag

I'm about $25 over what I budgeted per month to stay in this place, but I feel justifed because electricity is included.

Who's happy for me? Anyone else make any big moves this year? Thinking about making moves? I want to hear your apartment/condo/house stories in the comments!!!

1 comment:

antithesis said...

im happy for you!

u know my situation but i'll tell you, my apt search in atl was pretty easy. i went along with a friend who was looking before i started actively searching since i hadnt yet gotten confirmation from the parents about if i could have an apartment. that ruled out plenty of places for me. i also got recommendations from friends. i was happy with my final decision: a spacious, 1 bedroom, walk-in closet, gated, pool, fitness room, top level, walk-up, 15 minute drive from campus and located off a parkway with everything i could possibly need about 5 minutes away. i could never find anything comparable to that in DC. not for that price.