Monday, July 19, 2010

Move-In Day

I'm moving into my new spot today.

Can we go off on a tangent and discuss how I'm using movers suggested to me by two people I know and trust, but their Better Business Bureau rating is an F. I SWEAR when I first called them it said A-. I wonder what happened in the last couple of days. I don't care, they're the cheapest and I have word-of-mouth recos and I'm going to pray over my apartments and the truck, so it should be cool. (Can you say a prayer for me too... 'preciate ya!)

On to the topic at hand:

When you consider the overlap in rental pay, moving costs, buying new stuff for your new place, moving can get expensive. Here are some ways that I'm going to ensure I don't bust my budget by moving.
  • I [might be] getting a cheaper gym membership. My company pays $50 a month for fitness fees (i.e. golf greens, gym memberships, dance classes) Oh yes, my gig is My current club is $75 a month, so I pay $25 out of pocket. I'm going to get a membership that would make it free.
  • I'm going to skip cable for a few months AND look for a crazy special when I decide to get it back. Cable is always on sale.
  • I'm going to put my security deposit from my last apartment directly into my savings. (Raise your hands if you're proud of me)

Anyone have any other tips for how to not overspend when moving?


Kay* said...

yeah for moving! and for awesome jobs that pay for gym memberships :)

Pascale said...

DAMN! LVAC is $75 a MONTH!?!?! Lemme holla at that guest pass this week!