Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Lesson In Men

Wanna hear a story: Here it go.

One day I was hungover and cooked breakfast for a small army. One or two people came into the kitchen to help, but their help, while very much appreciated, was the icing... My work was the cake.

Everyone ate and thanked me, but I quickly got resentful that no one volunteered to do the dishes. Instead of going clean off on everyone (which is unfortunately always my natural reaction), I very sweetly asked a male homie to do the dishes.

T: "Hey babe, do you mind doing the few dishes in the kitchen for me."
Homie: "I got you, babe"

^^^^^^ This. right here. was a major lesson for me. My first mind is always aggressive. It's never light and fluffy and I can't talk to men like that. I actually shouldn't talk to anyone like that, but I'm gonna start with men, ok. Baby steps.

Who's proud of me? Question of the day: What behavior change have you had to make to um... appeal more to the opposite sex.


antithesis said...

im the opposite. i initially come from a place of kindness and then i get ignored and shitted on the bitch comes out. so yea, i dont know what to do with dudes other than avoid them.

Pascale said...

My question is...Did he ACTUALLY do them? Saying "I got you babe." is one thing. Acutally doing it is a whole 'nother!

T said...

@Pascale LMAO! Of course he did them. He didn't immediately stop what he was doing (which was absolutely nothing), but like 10... 15 minutes later, he did that! I was like *staples button* that was easy.

ThummyB said...

Hmmm...I learned (for a little bit...might have forgotten lately) how to follow. Like I used to be quick to run behind/double check that my guy was on track (like questioning the route to dinner or if he had his passport/boarding pass). I just learned to let him do his thing and trust that as an adult he'll have it covered.

Spiderlgs said...

I think introspection is important and being nice never hurt anyone, but I do wonder about changing habits to appeal more to the opposite sex. I mean men like different things so when a certain man doesnt find a trait attractive do you change again?

I think its important to change because it feels good to you to make a change. Be nice, because being nice makes your life easier and less dramatic and you feel like its closer to your authentic self, and it feels right for you. Who cares what men, or any man thinks? the right man will deal with you flaws and all (beyonce said that and she is wearing the chain of the baddest nigro in the game!!)