Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Better at Mom's House

10 things you can always find at my mom's house that you cannot find at mine

Word to thummyb for helping me with 9 & 10.

10. Bottles of refreshment (water, pop, iced tea). I have NONE of that.
9. fix...things, I guess.
8. A thermometer
7. An unlimited supply of chicken noodle soup
6. Static Guard
5. A cooler or several (you know like for a bbq)
4. A Sam's club size of toilet paper (not gonna lie, living in a super small studio with a Walgreens within walking distance I don't keep 12 rolls of toilet paper in the crib at all times)
3. A Sam's club size of Paper Towel. (Only three people live there, but they have paper towels for a whole army)
2. Random stuff for babies. I feel like even before she had grandkids she had a supply of toys, coloring books, crayons, the works for other people's kids. You won't find that at my crib. LOL!
1. Premium cable. Oh yes, my mom and steppops have that super duper cable package.

1 comment:

ThummyB said...

I can always find the following:

- Any kind of toiletry. I never have to worry about liquids over 3 oz.s when I go home b/c mom has everything that I could possibly need.

- Any kind of medicine. If I hit of the cabinet, there will be Tylenol, NyQuil, DayQuil, 'Tussin, Advil, Asprin, Ibproufen, and some prescription bottles.

- Any kinds of spice/seasoning necessary.

- Safety pins

- Stamps

- Bottles of water

- fix...things, I guess.