Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Defense of Khaki Pants

Happy Birthday Mom!!!! (My mom doesn't read this or know it exists, actually, but if you know her in real life, send her a text).

After spending a day at the water park with my baby niece I now have an appreciation for moms
in Khaki pants.

- They're breathable
- At a water park, if/when you get wet, they dry fast
- They're machine washable, so stains come out easily (note, the little waterproof diapers don't work worth a damn. My little princess peed all over me. ICK!)
- They're cheap, so if/when they get ruined by baby bodily waste, grass stains, ketchup or other forces of evil, you can throw them right in the trash

Here's why I won't be wearing them UNTIL I have kids.
- They're ugly.


KindredSmile said...

As a mom for three years now (Yay Piggy!) I've never, and I mean never worn khaki pants. If this post was about yoga pants or dark rinse jeans, I might have had to rethink my life choices, but it seems like I'm good for now lol.

Courtney: Anomalie Noir said...

I don't have any kids, but I have to agree with KindredSmile. There's no need for khaki pants when dark wash jeans exist. They have all of the positives mentioned, and look awesome. Now khaki shorts, on the other hand, are just plain adorable.

antithesis said...

what? yall dont like to pair them with a red polo and look target chic? naw, i got nothing against khaki pants that fit well in a business casual environment. as long as i dont look like a teenaged camp counselor, im good.

ThummyB said...

Jeans are not breathable nor do they dry quickly. I have suffered (for the sake of fashion) with jeans in both hot and wet conditions, and I will continue to do so. However, I cannot deny that they are no where near as practical as khakis.