Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Don't Know What To Call This

Disclaimer: This is the gayest post I ever wrote. It's not as gay as Luvvie's post on Erykah Badu, but yeah, it's gay. I don't feel like Tweeting this because I don't want all the extra attention and RTs that saying this would get me. I know that people will just read this post and not comment, per usual, so I feel like y'all can understand when I'm halfway joking (which means I'm halfway serious).

Anywho, I've always had the same girl crush. Always. Adriana Lima. Good googley moogly, she is finer than that thang. (I know b. is reading appalled that I could use so much hood lingo and bad grammar in one sentence. Sorry b.)

No one can knock Adriana off that top spot. She's like LL's wife. Like it might be other chics around, but I'm always coming home to her.

Until now. Ciara, good GAWD almighty, why must you be so fly? If in my moral-less (moral-less b/c I only believe in having relations with one person at a time, not moral-less b/c it's gay) In my moral-less dreams if I had to pick one chic to have a threesome with I don't know if I'd chose Adriana or Ciara. Crap!

I think my infatuation with her may be coming from me really just wanting my body to look like hers.

And since we're now talking about CiCi's body, can we take a minute to discuss where her breasts came from. They just showed up out of nowhere. I've been a fan since she did goodies, the princess of crunk was President of the IBTC. (Just FYI: I'm the secretary, I take notes outchea). She had her goodies all up in her flatchested bra during that video, then she blossomed late (like Tyra) and now she's trying to show any man who's interested how well her goodies can ride.

Can I be a late bloomer too? I want goodies poppin' out all everywhere... well, that's not actually true, but if I did get some extra goodies, I'm wouldn't be mad.

I digress.

The point of this pointless post is that Ciara #couldgetit. The end.


antithesis said...

and i thought i had some gay posts floatin around the blogosphere...lol! ciara's cool but she's too tall and insists on wearing heels. i'll stick with jada pinkett's old ass. lena on a different world?? man, what?!

Kay* said...

haha! my girl crush is angie *ahem* i mean angelina jolie...i act like i'm cool with her and ish...has been for YEARS! but lately i'm kinda in scar jo to (i mean, scarlett johannson)...and i've always loved nia long....

b.goody said...

Who me? Comment on grammar? No!
Ciara is a strange bird to me. I remember when they used to make jokes that she was a hermaphrodite, and now she's super oversexed. IMO, she's doing a bit too much. But you like who you like. Have at it :)

RB said...

Well, a good friend of mine shot up from AA to a really full C this summer and she's 23...so the late bloomers are out there, there's still hope!

Spiderlgs said...

LMAO... this totally proves my theory.. given the right circumstances.. most women would go.. LMAO you're totally gay! btw.. no need for a threesome... no matter what sensation you want... there's an app for that LMAO

ThummyB said...

Naw dude...Ciara's jawline is STRONGER than that thang. She looka likea muthafluckin man. For real...that bish probably shaves every morning to keep up appearances.

Now...Amber Rose could get it (with much STD protection 'cause that bish has been around the block). But she's perfect b/c her body bangs and there is nothing wholesome or good about her. Who better to take a walk on the wild-side with?

Whew - now that was a lot of terrible grammar.