Thursday, July 8, 2010


Thanks to a reader submitted topic today's post is dedicated to hoshit. Let's discuss Doing hoshit, experiencing hoshit and most importantly how to emerge victorious after participating in hoshit.

Let's also discuss how I think hoe is a bad word and shit is a bad word, but when I say it as one word I feel like I'm saying ice cream or some other wholesome word.

I digress. Here are some nice overnight hoe bags:

Coach Signature Overnight Satchel - $368 at

Puma - $85 (on sale right now for $51 at
Mossimo Croco Weekend Duffle - $39.99 at

Now, you all didn't think I was going to give a personal tale of hoshit did you? Not gonna happen!


b.goody said...

You'd spend $368 on a hoe bag? Your hoe priorities are all outta whack, LMAO.

antithesis said...

we all know u would never divulge details on hoshit. that coach is too nice for hoshit but i'd still buy it. you know my living arrangements so if im ever in an overnight hoshit situation, i rely on this oversized purse i got on clearance from target for $12. hoshit shouldnt be expensive.

ThummyB said...

Sooo...I'm mad late, but this made me laugh for a number of reasons.

The primary reason is that my hotel is near to a neighborhood called 'The Hoe'...where you can stand on Hoe Approach which lies between Hoe Road and Hoegate Street. Sigh - I chuckle like a teenager everytime that we pass by.

This post seems so apt right now.