Monday, July 12, 2010

How to dress for a bbq

Well, if you're a woman:
  • You pore over it.
  • You may spend a day at department stores and boutiques making sure you look just the right amount of put together, you know didn't try too hard and not like you're going to prom (or the club).
  • You get the right wedges, gladiator sandals, high end flip flops or wicker sandals that go PERFECTLY with your meticulously pulled together outfit.
  • You get a fresh perm or a pick out the biggest fro ever or do a fresh twistout.
  • You accessorize to the T. Again, can't have on prom jewelry, but you don't want to look like you didn't give a damn.
  • You put on just the right amount of make-up, so you look sunkissed and not like you're getting ready to stand on the corner trying to get dates. And you take your time with it, because you'll most likely be in someone's back yard or warm domicile and you don't want your MAC to melt onto your collar.
If you're a man:
  • Put on some fatigues and a family reunion shirt or college t-shirt and just go.
This observation brought to you by summer bbqs and countless hours at the store (not to mention fly family reunion shirts I wish I wouldn't have thrown out.)

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