Sunday, July 18, 2010

Emotional PackRat

I'm an emotional packrat. I'm sitting here trying to pack up my apartment and there are SO many things that have no place in an organized home, but I feel like crap throwing away too small t-shirts or little trinkets or graduation or birthday cards or stuffed animals (that people gave me as an act of kindness/thoughtfulness).

What am I supposed to do with this stuff. Plus, I'm afraid if I throw it away, I'll forget that XX person gave me something really sweet for graduation. Seriously, if I didn't look at my photos or these gifts I wouldn't even remember half of these people came to Champaign for my graduation.

What do you all do with emotional junk?


Ok, I'm just going to update this with randomness throughout the day while I'm packing. Do you have a journal from when you were 12? I do. OMG! I LOVE it. What's really crazy is how much I've changed, but also, how much I've stayed the same. If I'm feeling particularly vulnerable I may share some entries with you. I'll say this much, at least two entries on two different days are about food: chicken to be exact. ahahahaha


I'm not good with estimating square footage. If someone says a 700 sq ft space, I really have no idea in my head of what that really means. So seeing as how it's my last day in this box of an apartment, I decided to measure it. I've been thinking that my place is 450-500 sq ft. It is not. According to my (inaccurate) calculations my space is about 306 sq ft. WHOA! I might as well just move to Seattle or New York because I already know how to maximize space.


How is it 7 p.m. already? YIKES. Note to self: the next time you move take three days to pack. It still consolidates the time, so you won't have an anxiety attack about packing or have to live with eye sore boxes everywhere, but you can still get a full night's rest the night before your move.


b.goody said...

For me, the best part about moving is moving on. You don't necessarily want a bunch of "junk" that really doesn't have a home sitting all over the brand new apt.
But it's unrealistic to believe that you'll actually toss the stuff. Put it in a box, in a closet, and pull it out when you're feeling sentimental.

RB said...

With the t-shirts you could have a quilt made...the cards you could scrapbook...the stuffed animals I have no idea.