Friday, July 30, 2010

Before It Ends

Here are the top 10 things I'm trying to do/go to before the summer ends.

Once again, please help a sister out with 9 & 10 and I'll update throughout the day. This is what happens when you don't have internet at home. You don't have time to thoroughly update you blog. LOL!

In random order:

10. Go to the Lakeview East Arts Fair
9. Use Devon Grill Groupon
8. Rooftop Pool at LVAC Just did that!
7. North Avenue Beach
6. Ravinia
5. Jazzin at the Shedd
4. Go to another restaurant in Bucktown
3. Go to a baseball game
2. Watch a movie in the park
1. Make @mistermarques some buffalo chicken dip before he quits me

P.S. if you want to do any of these things with me please let me know. Especially people who are always saying they don't like to club and want to do *other* stuff in Chicago *cough*b*cough*

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Better at Mom's House

10 things you can always find at my mom's house that you cannot find at mine

Word to thummyb for helping me with 9 & 10.

10. Bottles of refreshment (water, pop, iced tea). I have NONE of that.
9. fix...things, I guess.
8. A thermometer
7. An unlimited supply of chicken noodle soup
6. Static Guard
5. A cooler or several (you know like for a bbq)
4. A Sam's club size of toilet paper (not gonna lie, living in a super small studio with a Walgreens within walking distance I don't keep 12 rolls of toilet paper in the crib at all times)
3. A Sam's club size of Paper Towel. (Only three people live there, but they have paper towels for a whole army)
2. Random stuff for babies. I feel like even before she had grandkids she had a supply of toys, coloring books, crayons, the works for other people's kids. You won't find that at my crib. LOL!
1. Premium cable. Oh yes, my mom and steppops have that super duper cable package.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Event Alert: BPRS Summer Mood Swings

Attention, Attention, I am the newest Board member of the Black Public Relations Society - Chicago Chapter (YAY!). So every now and again I will be pimping out my blog to tell you all about events and happenings with that. Today is one of those days. :-)

“Summer Mood Swings”

Thursday August 5th 2010 (one week from today)
5 – 9 pm
Ven Sherrod’s Image Gallery, 1906 S. Halsted

$15 before 6 p.m.
$20 after 6 p.m.

Join BPRS Chicago as we Rejuvenate our professional spirits, Reconnect with our peers and Relax at our annual networking mixer.

BPRS Chicago is gearing up for an exciting fall line-up that will include workshop panels, webinars and board elections. This is your opportunity to not only get involved in the organization but get caught up on the latest tools and trends impacting our industry!

One Night Only Membership Bargain:
Add an annual membership for only $25 more (a $50 value) when you join at the Summer Mood Swings networking mixer.

For more information contact BPRS – Chicago at (or you know, comment here and I'll holla back).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea's Tangents

1. Look for "How to trick off your paycheck in 8 days when it needs to last 15 starring Tea" in theaters near you.

2. Do your older family members take photos of food at gatherings? Have you started to do this too? I was about to talk about my mom and grandma for doing it, then I realized that most of my Twitpics are of food... what is wrong with us? LOL!

3. I can tell I like a guy too much [is that even possible] when he uses pet names way before pet names are acceptable and my stomach doesn't completely churn. I actually, kinda, maybe cracked a smile.

4. You know what: if you go home sick, that's where you ass should be... at home sick. Not on my phone or in my inbox via your blackberry from your sick bed. I wish some people would just sit the hell down sometimes.

5. [the day I wrote this] I haven't bought groceries for my house in over a month and my fridge is stocked full of food. God is good all the time! (And he's better during bbq season.) #Leftovers

6. The apartment manager of the building I just moved out of asked if she could show my place during open house because I "set it up so cute" and because she just loves my bedspread. Aw! Here I go thinking I was a design failure, but apparently I worked very well with what I had. (Kay, I'll e-mail you pics!)

7. When I was moving, I took a trip down memory lane with photo albums from high school & college. I have to remember to print out my favorite pics from Facebook. I need some post-college photo albums (that aren't online).

Monday, July 26, 2010

My favorite Philosopher Once Said

Mike: You know what T, everyone isn't cut from the same cloth. Some people are perfectly satisfied in just doing the bare minimum in life. Having just enough to get by makes them happy and that's ok. You have to let them be themselves.

T: *sigh* Yeah, I hear you.

Mike: Now me and you, we're not cut from that basic ass cloth. Oh no, we go into the store and want that silky shit.

T: Yeah, buddy!

I love Mike. How could I not? Giving me philosophy in bite-sized uppity pieces that my bourgeois behind can digest. Thanks babe!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Scheduling Sex vs. Making Sex Appointments

Ok, so yesterday's post has people thinking I'm the kind of chic that'll turn good D down if I'm scheuduled to see a movie with friends. I'm not going to confirm or deny that. But I do need to clarify something.

While I may or may not think scheduling sex is ok, I think that making an appointment to have sex and scheduling sex are two different things. In yesterday's post when I mentioned sex, I was talking about making an appointment where the end goal is sex.

Let me give you several ficticious examples of ways you make appointments for sex:

1. With your cut buddy - everytime you see this dude it's only to have sex. So if he says he's coming at 6 and he doesn't get there til 7 and you have dinner with your mom scheduled for (insert time that would make it no longer possible), then yeah, he broke the appointment (for sex).

2. With your out-of-town boyfriend. His flight lands at 9, but instead of going to Harold's and then stopping back at your place, per usual. He wonders if he could watch the fight with his boys first and then he'll see you later in the evening. Sex will still happen, but in your head, he broke the appointment for sex because you were expecting to be getting it in at about 10:15ish and now it's going to be more like 2 or 3:15ish.

3. When you had a lunch date and were expecting to have afternoon nooky for dessert, but he forgot about the lunch. This is essentially a sex appointment broken.

See, sex appointments are not "scheduling sex" between your massage, manicure or martinis. They are simply encounter that you expect to end (or begin, whatever) with sex.

Is that better b? Or am I still overscheduled, if you will?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Women Make Appointments

Because we have shit to do!!!

I don't know if men have to go to the barber, grocery shopping, to the cleaners, to the manicurist, to the aestitician (sure hope not) or have spend time with the nieces or nephews or hang with their boys, but shit... I do.

So when you tell me you want to see me, spend time, hang out, chill, have sex... whatever and I set aside a time to do so, I mean actually carve out time from you, I'm taking time AWAY from EVERYTHING else I could be doing.

When I make a date, appointment, whatever, I THOUGHT you were important enough to miss one of those other things I had to do. (I'm sorry, sometimes real housewives is very fun to watch). But when you break an appointment it occurs to me that you are actually NOT that important as I previously thought. And then I'm upset with myself for interrupting my regularly scheduled program for your inconsequential ass. Then I'm not just going to be mad alone. I'm going to either give you a piece of my mind or treat you with the coldest demeanor EVER.

This is a reaction that men probably think is unwarranted (and that I should probably work on in my lil emotional growth). But if you want to know WHY I feel how I feel, that's it right there. Please try to keep your appointments.
P.S. This could also be called why people who make appointments make appointments, it's not really gender related, I just find that my girls keep their appointments better than my boys.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Defense of Khaki Pants

Happy Birthday Mom!!!! (My mom doesn't read this or know it exists, actually, but if you know her in real life, send her a text).

After spending a day at the water park with my baby niece I now have an appreciation for moms
in Khaki pants.

- They're breathable
- At a water park, if/when you get wet, they dry fast
- They're machine washable, so stains come out easily (note, the little waterproof diapers don't work worth a damn. My little princess peed all over me. ICK!)
- They're cheap, so if/when they get ruined by baby bodily waste, grass stains, ketchup or other forces of evil, you can throw them right in the trash

Here's why I won't be wearing them UNTIL I have kids.
- They're ugly.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Don't Know What To Call This

Disclaimer: This is the gayest post I ever wrote. It's not as gay as Luvvie's post on Erykah Badu, but yeah, it's gay. I don't feel like Tweeting this because I don't want all the extra attention and RTs that saying this would get me. I know that people will just read this post and not comment, per usual, so I feel like y'all can understand when I'm halfway joking (which means I'm halfway serious).

Anywho, I've always had the same girl crush. Always. Adriana Lima. Good googley moogly, she is finer than that thang. (I know b. is reading appalled that I could use so much hood lingo and bad grammar in one sentence. Sorry b.)

No one can knock Adriana off that top spot. She's like LL's wife. Like it might be other chics around, but I'm always coming home to her.

Until now. Ciara, good GAWD almighty, why must you be so fly? If in my moral-less (moral-less b/c I only believe in having relations with one person at a time, not moral-less b/c it's gay) In my moral-less dreams if I had to pick one chic to have a threesome with I don't know if I'd chose Adriana or Ciara. Crap!

I think my infatuation with her may be coming from me really just wanting my body to look like hers.

And since we're now talking about CiCi's body, can we take a minute to discuss where her breasts came from. They just showed up out of nowhere. I've been a fan since she did goodies, the princess of crunk was President of the IBTC. (Just FYI: I'm the secretary, I take notes outchea). She had her goodies all up in her flatchested bra during that video, then she blossomed late (like Tyra) and now she's trying to show any man who's interested how well her goodies can ride.

Can I be a late bloomer too? I want goodies poppin' out all everywhere... well, that's not actually true, but if I did get some extra goodies, I'm wouldn't be mad.

I digress.

The point of this pointless post is that Ciara #couldgetit. The end.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Move-In Day

I'm moving into my new spot today.

Can we go off on a tangent and discuss how I'm using movers suggested to me by two people I know and trust, but their Better Business Bureau rating is an F. I SWEAR when I first called them it said A-. I wonder what happened in the last couple of days. I don't care, they're the cheapest and I have word-of-mouth recos and I'm going to pray over my apartments and the truck, so it should be cool. (Can you say a prayer for me too... 'preciate ya!)

On to the topic at hand:

When you consider the overlap in rental pay, moving costs, buying new stuff for your new place, moving can get expensive. Here are some ways that I'm going to ensure I don't bust my budget by moving.
  • I [might be] getting a cheaper gym membership. My company pays $50 a month for fitness fees (i.e. golf greens, gym memberships, dance classes) Oh yes, my gig is My current club is $75 a month, so I pay $25 out of pocket. I'm going to get a membership that would make it free.
  • I'm going to skip cable for a few months AND look for a crazy special when I decide to get it back. Cable is always on sale.
  • I'm going to put my security deposit from my last apartment directly into my savings. (Raise your hands if you're proud of me)

Anyone have any other tips for how to not overspend when moving?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Emotional PackRat

I'm an emotional packrat. I'm sitting here trying to pack up my apartment and there are SO many things that have no place in an organized home, but I feel like crap throwing away too small t-shirts or little trinkets or graduation or birthday cards or stuffed animals (that people gave me as an act of kindness/thoughtfulness).

What am I supposed to do with this stuff. Plus, I'm afraid if I throw it away, I'll forget that XX person gave me something really sweet for graduation. Seriously, if I didn't look at my photos or these gifts I wouldn't even remember half of these people came to Champaign for my graduation.

What do you all do with emotional junk?


Ok, I'm just going to update this with randomness throughout the day while I'm packing. Do you have a journal from when you were 12? I do. OMG! I LOVE it. What's really crazy is how much I've changed, but also, how much I've stayed the same. If I'm feeling particularly vulnerable I may share some entries with you. I'll say this much, at least two entries on two different days are about food: chicken to be exact. ahahahaha


I'm not good with estimating square footage. If someone says a 700 sq ft space, I really have no idea in my head of what that really means. So seeing as how it's my last day in this box of an apartment, I decided to measure it. I've been thinking that my place is 450-500 sq ft. It is not. According to my (inaccurate) calculations my space is about 306 sq ft. WHOA! I might as well just move to Seattle or New York because I already know how to maximize space.


How is it 7 p.m. already? YIKES. Note to self: the next time you move take three days to pack. It still consolidates the time, so you won't have an anxiety attack about packing or have to live with eye sore boxes everywhere, but you can still get a full night's rest the night before your move.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tea's Apartment Searching Tips

When you haven't been apartment shopping in a while, you forget some important details. So if you're in the market right now, here are some of my tips.

      • Don't sign the lease if you don't love it. If it's the right place, you'll know.

      • Learn when to stop looking. If you see something you love and then keep looking at other places, you'll never be satisfied (and someone else might snatch up your perfect place).

      • As you find things in your price range, really analyze what you want or don't want and adjust accordingly. (i.e. I thought size and closet space were the most important things to me, but an updated kitchen actually is)

      • Read the fine print on leases and deals from property management companies.

      • Go early - I missed out on a couple of apts because I started my search at 11 a.m. instead of 9 a.m. Womp.

      Do you all have any apartment searching tips? Or better yet any moving tips for me, since I'll be doing that this weekend?

      Thursday, July 15, 2010

      New Apt Deets

      I found a new apt.

      What it has that I really wanted
      • Dine-In Kitchen
      • Walk-In Closet
      • Working Elevator (but I'm also on a lower floor)
      • Very cool neighborhood (4 blocks south of where i am now)
      • Heat, cooking gas AND Electricity included #Winning
      • A closer walk to the beach #WinningAgain
      • No security deposit
      What it's missing that I saw in other places...
      • A remodeled bathroom
      • The cheapest possible price tag

      I'm about $25 over what I budgeted per month to stay in this place, but I feel justifed because electricity is included.

      Who's happy for me? Anyone else make any big moves this year? Thinking about making moves? I want to hear your apartment/condo/house stories in the comments!!!

      Wednesday, July 14, 2010

      Tea's Avatar

      Reader: Why is your Avatar holding a pistol while you're heading to the airport for [business] travel?

      Answer 1
      T: Because she's a bad, bad bitch

      Answer 2
      T: Because the gun is a metaphor for how I murder my work tasks and deliver for my clients and co-workers.

      Answer 3 (the real answer)
      T: Because the pistol came with the super hero suit (it's actually just an assasin suit) and I couldn't figure out how to get it out of my avatar's hand. AND the actual super hero suit made my Avatar look like blankman, so the pistol is the lesser of two evils.

      Tuesday, July 13, 2010

      Book of the Week: Live Your Joy

      Bonnie St. John is an Olympic winning skier. She's black and she's disabled, she's a mother and she's phenomenal. She came to talk to my company at the beginning of the year. (Yeah, we get motivational speakers at the gig... #DontHate)

      Anywho, I would have never bought her book sitting on the shelf. Fortunately for me, they gave us each a free copy after her presentation. (Yes, they give us free books at the gig... #StopHatingAndSendMeAresumé LOL!)

      It was a practical account of her ways to find joy in almost everything. How to get to a joyful place during less than joyful times and where to pull joy from when everything seems bleak. I really enjoyed it and as a bonus there's an excerpt from another book, How Strong Women Pray in the Appendix.

      Read it. Let me know what you think.

      Monday, July 12, 2010

      How to dress for a bbq

      Well, if you're a woman:
      • You pore over it.
      • You may spend a day at department stores and boutiques making sure you look just the right amount of put together, you know didn't try too hard and not like you're going to prom (or the club).
      • You get the right wedges, gladiator sandals, high end flip flops or wicker sandals that go PERFECTLY with your meticulously pulled together outfit.
      • You get a fresh perm or a pick out the biggest fro ever or do a fresh twistout.
      • You accessorize to the T. Again, can't have on prom jewelry, but you don't want to look like you didn't give a damn.
      • You put on just the right amount of make-up, so you look sunkissed and not like you're getting ready to stand on the corner trying to get dates. And you take your time with it, because you'll most likely be in someone's back yard or warm domicile and you don't want your MAC to melt onto your collar.
      If you're a man:
      • Put on some fatigues and a family reunion shirt or college t-shirt and just go.
      This observation brought to you by summer bbqs and countless hours at the store (not to mention fly family reunion shirts I wish I wouldn't have thrown out.)

      Friday, July 9, 2010

      Tea's Top 5

      So I completely stole this idea from Jozen. But here are the top 5 men I'd like to date according to profession. Unlike Jozen though, you still have to have all the other qualities I'm looking for in a man in order for the date to go down. Well, maybe, maybe not. If I date any guys in these professions, I'll blog about it.

      5. A fireman I've dated a fireman before. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but I'd try it again.

      4. A soccer player - Dear World Cup, you really put me on to the athleticism and therefore rip-ped-ness of soccer players. For that I salute you.

      3. A comedian - I love dating comedians. They get me AND they keep me laughing. The ones I've encountered had so much baggage though. It wasn't exactly funny. It may be true what they say about extremely talented people being troubled. Plus I'm not a fan of being the butt of jokes and I KNOW that's probably what happened more times than not. Ah well, I'd try it again.

      2. A writer - I was editing something the other day and I wanted to go completely off about how dangling prepositions should be accepted in writing. Then I wanted to talk about people's constant misuse of I and me. Then I wanted to talk about the merits of the different writing styles, who yahoo thinks they are for coming up with a web writing style and how I really feel about the AP. But there was no one. Yeah, I'd love to date a writer.

      1. A chef - From time to time, I have the privilege of working with chefs on some very cool things at work. The ways in which these men talk about food and their attention to detail in the kitchen, leads me to believe that they are meticulous in other areas. (get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about paying bills.) LOL! If nothing else, I'll always eat well and not just them cooking for me, I mean I'm open to lessons in the kitchen. (if your mind is in the gutter after I said that then we're finally on the same page)

      Thursday, July 8, 2010


      Thanks to a reader submitted topic today's post is dedicated to hoshit. Let's discuss Doing hoshit, experiencing hoshit and most importantly how to emerge victorious after participating in hoshit.

      Let's also discuss how I think hoe is a bad word and shit is a bad word, but when I say it as one word I feel like I'm saying ice cream or some other wholesome word.

      I digress. Here are some nice overnight hoe bags:

      Coach Signature Overnight Satchel - $368 at

      Puma - $85 (on sale right now for $51 at
      Mossimo Croco Weekend Duffle - $39.99 at

      Now, you all didn't think I was going to give a personal tale of hoshit did you? Not gonna happen!

      Wednesday, July 7, 2010

      Yeah... So... Um...

      Oh, so this is what embarrassed feels like?

      *insert red face here*

      I had NO idea I had so many lurkers (especially lurkers who know me in real life that NEVER comment). Seriously, I thought the 3 people that always comment were the only people that read my blog, so I write to them.

      My blog will no longer be like is like an extended gchat conversation. But yeah, I'm embarrassed. I hope there are no hard feelings fellas and I hope you all are getting a good laugh [at me] out of this.

      A Lesson In Men

      Wanna hear a story: Here it go.

      One day I was hungover and cooked breakfast for a small army. One or two people came into the kitchen to help, but their help, while very much appreciated, was the icing... My work was the cake.

      Everyone ate and thanked me, but I quickly got resentful that no one volunteered to do the dishes. Instead of going clean off on everyone (which is unfortunately always my natural reaction), I very sweetly asked a male homie to do the dishes.

      T: "Hey babe, do you mind doing the few dishes in the kitchen for me."
      Homie: "I got you, babe"

      ^^^^^^ This. right here. was a major lesson for me. My first mind is always aggressive. It's never light and fluffy and I can't talk to men like that. I actually shouldn't talk to anyone like that, but I'm gonna start with men, ok. Baby steps.

      Who's proud of me? Question of the day: What behavior change have you had to make to um... appeal more to the opposite sex.

      Tuesday, July 6, 2010


      Do you ever feel like nothing you do is ever good enough. That's how I feel today [read:the day I wrote this]. I present presentations and documents and things that I spend a lot of time and thought on and am very proud of only to have someone tell me it needs to be done over. Now, I'm a professional. I understand that doing what's best for my clients is always the bottom line. I KNOW that no one thinks that I've done a "bad" job, but simply that I need to serve up what I'm serving better.

      Somehow my feelings are still hurt. And when my feelings get hurt I shut down. (Look at me being self-aware). I'm not shutting down today [read: the day that I wrote this], but I am in this goofy "why are we here" mood.

      Like seriously, I spend 10 hours every day doing this that ultimately make corporations more money. Like spinning my wheels and doubting my abilities for "the industry." Money is the bottom line. Money has always been the bottom line. Money will always be the bottom line. I never had a problem with that. I still don't think I have a problem with it now, but I need to get myself in a place where I spend 10 hours a day (or more) making Tea richer, not companies.

      Because I'm over here feeling bad about and for myself, meanwhile "the industry" is still profiting. Again, nothing wrong with that, but how can "the industry" profit AND Tea not feel like shit. Sounds like a personal problem, doesn't it. It is. I'm working on it. Woo sah!

      Friday, July 2, 2010

      Welcome Q3!!! (Part 2)

      What I learned continued

      3. I did a such a good decent job with my money in Q2. In putting these posts together and being candid with you all about my money woes I realized that even though I am not saving as much as I would like to I am also NOT using my credit cards (or using them only in emergencies and paying the money RIGHT back). I am not dependent on credit cards!!! Isn't that phenomenal?!?!?!? Aren't you all happy for me?

      Listen, I know some of you are perfect little money stewards and have not been, are not now or never will be dependent on credit cards *eyeroll*, but that's just not my story, ok? I now understand, know and appreciate the value of using cash and to that end...

      4. I am SO blessed to be able to use cash for everything I need and the majority of the things I want. Even though my credit card usage has decreased significantly from say five years ago, my lifestyle has not changed. Yes, I skip a few party weekends here and there and have said no to more than one trip this year *sigh*, but we are smack dab in the MIDDLE of a recession and I am still able to travel, pay all my bills on time every month, buy gifts, pay tithes and eat three meals a day, ERR'day.

      AND *drumroll please* your girl got a raise in June!!! God is really doing his thing with my bank account.

      In getting down on myself about not saving what I budgeted to save I almost missed this new healthy behavior I've acquired (not relying on CCs) and almost forgot to thank God for it. Let me quit playing...

      Thank you Lord: you are doing a mighty work in my life through my finances and preparing me with the emotional muscle I need to make sacrifices should I ever have to again. Please also prepare my husband with financial acumen and a giving spirit so that our household finances will be run according to your will. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

      ^^^See what I did there. I already claimed a husband, but I'm not putting any time limits on God. He will reveal him when I'm ready. I just need to work on T. Excuse me while I continue to do that.^^^

      Thursday, July 1, 2010

      Welcome Q3!!! (Part 1)

      Alright, so here's what I learned in Q2

      1. I saw a pattern emerging. I have no gift budget. I have three nieces, two younger brothers, a mom, dad and steppops, two living grandmas and a host of friends that like to get married and have babies and stuff. All of these occasions/people require gifts. In Q3, I will attempt to sock away gift money every time I get paid so that I'm not caught off guard or off-budget when gift-giving occasions happen.

      2. Saving Money Sucks!!! Oh yes, I'm being a brat, but I'm also being honest. It sucks in two ways:

      a) I have to sacrifice good times. Here's how: Let's take $20 as an example, shall we. $20 is not even a dink in the debt that I have. Do you hear me people, not even A DINK, but it IS a cab ride home from a free event with free drinks. When I opt to NOT take $20 out of my savings I have to sacrifice that cab ride home and skip the event.

      Doing a cost benefit analysis I think to myself I can pay my debt down 13 months if I take the $20 and go have a good time tonight OR I can pay my debt down in 12 months and be miserable tonight while all my friends are out enjoying themselves. Do you see what I mean? Saving money lacks the instant gratification that entertainment gives you (any form of entertainment costs money, not just partying, so don't leave diatribes about partying in my comments).

      I know saving is good and I'm setting my future up and strengthening my good habits, but I'm not going to see the fruits of my sacrifice for months or years and it sucks and don't try to convince me otherwise.

      b) I'm SO aware when I'm sacrificing good times. Because of Twitter I now EXACTLY the kind of fun others are having when I'm sitting in the house "saving money." Before I used to imagine that everyone was sitting on their couch like me. Yes, I blame Twitter for making me think saving money sucks.

      **Stay tuned for three more learnings tomorrow**