Friday, June 18, 2010


Antithesis asked me to write about appropriate dress for everyone. I'm so glad she asked because I've had a post about this in my drafts for about 6 months.

I really think our grandmothers had it right. We thought they wore slips to be modest, but really they were wearing them so that their dresses wouldn't stick to their rolls and cellulite.

Oh, how I wish the world would get back to that. Nowadays you'll see a woman with a thong on under a skin tight dress because panty lines are a no-no, but she has no problem showcasing her fat. It's just wrong.

Anyway, enough ranting. Here are some ways to keep all your imperfections locked up and tied down with a new millenium twist.

Stockings - To hide cellulite, varicose vains or unsightly scars, use fashion stockings and tights. Here's how to wear fishnets and textured tights.

Girdles - If you're NOT smooth, but you want a smooth look, girdles are a must under... well everything. Nowadays Spanx are all the rage. Celebs aren't that damn perfect, they just know where to buy power panties.

Slips - Slips are for fine garments made with fine threads... basiscally all your clothes that you can see right through. I hate slips. I remember when I stopped wearing them. I was like 14 or 15. They were ALWAYS longer than my dresses or skirts and I felt like they made me look a tacky mess. My mom made me wear them with everything and I didn't realize they were only for flimsy dresses.

As an adult with more to show than I had when I was 14 (but not too much more), I really don't want all my goodies (or my rolls) visible every time the sun shines. Unfortunately, slips aren't as popular as Spanx, so my advice is don't buy clothes you can see through. LOL!
I did, however, find this site which sells full slips and has a cute history of slips at the bottom.
What's your favorite get-it-right, get-it-tight and keep-it-modest undergarment?

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antithesis said...

thank you! also, strapless/convertible bras. what makes you think u can buy a tube top/dress and still wear ur regular bra? or spaghetti straps and bra/camisole straps showing? do i need to escort u to a padded room? why u so strapped down?!